Wednesday 24 February 2016

A crochet story . . .

The story starts a few years back, not that long after we'd moved to England, when a friend & I pootled along to a workshop at lovely Harry & Floss in Alcester to make pretty fabric flowers - and that's where I first met Diane.  (You can read all about that here if you'd like.
 A few months later, and once again Diane was sharing her crafty skills with me, this time teaching me to crochet.
 Having been a knitter since I was six years old, I'd only ever dabbled in a little attempt at crochet but never quite mastered the art.  So very patiently and with lots of encouragement, Diane set about remedying that and very soon I was completely hooked.   Over the weeks, we spent many an hour at my diningroom table, nattering over tea & biscuits & hooking, and creating lots of samples & grannies . . . some square, and many others not-so-square  ; - )

Fast forward a few years to 2016, when lovely Diane asked if I'd like to teach some crochet workshops for her at Harry & Floss -  I never hesitated and jumped right in with a resounding yes.
I was afterall, taught by the best : - )

And so it was that earlier this month, I spent a fun & fabulous day with some lovely ladies, passing on my crochet knowledge and teaching them this delightful skill.
 It's such a privilege to have the opportunity to pay it forward, don't you think ?

all set up and ready to go . . .

it was hard not to be distracted by all the yummy fabrics around us too . . .

see what all you can do with some simple crochet stitches ?

the cushion on the right was my first ever granny square project, and I still LOVE it . . .

there's a whole lot of concentration going on here . . .

Diane kept us topped up with teas & coffees , and of course, the essential yummy cake too. Cake and crochet just seem to be the perfect combination methinks.

It was such an enjoyable day, and the lovely ladies all did really well.   I'm already looking forward to the next one . . .

Oh, and if you're ever in Alcester - do pop in at Harry & Floss, it's a treasure trove of yummy yarns and fabulous fabrics. Or follow along with their crafty adventures on Instagram or Facebook if you like.

'til next time,

ps. Linking up with Small Things Yarn Along today - another source of lovely yarrny goodness.


  1. I love teaching crochet too! Looks fun. Jo x

  2. Looks like a good time! I remember when I learned how to crochet (about 5 years now), it was so fun I couldn't put it down. Those ladies are going to love it!

  3. It's so great to have such talented people to call on to pass their talents on to my customers, and I knew straight away who to call on when I needed a crochet teacher (she really was a great student ����) An amazing day was had by all - one lady who was particularly thrilled told me it had taken 71 years (yes 71!) to find someone who could teach her. So looking forward to the next session (already sold out by the way - good job we've more planned in the diary) Thanks Gilly ����

  4. Oh it looks like you all had a wonderful time, and it looks like you are doing a good job in teaching! Your first granny square looks so neat compared to mine :) x

  5. What wonderful crochet projects a- and how fun to teach other crafty ladies. I teach beginner Temari at my local LNS and it's always such a fun day.

  6. It is a wonderful thing to be able to pass on our skills, Gilly. It looks like you're having a good time doing it too! :o)

  7. How lovely that you got to share your love of crochet with others! I am sure that they enjoyed it just as much as you did and now there is a whole new group of crocheters in the world which has to be great! Lovely to see some of your finished projects too! xx

  8. Well done, it isn't as easy to teach as you would think. All of those lovely ladies look like they are concentrating very hard. Glad you are spreading the crochet love.

  9. Brilliant to be able to share 'hooky love' with a whole bunch of new people. The shop looks lovely, I'd like to rummage through all the fabric!

  10. Lots of lovely crafty goodness in that gorgeous shop. Nothing better than a group of like-minded folks! Ros

  11. oooh this looks so cosy! can't wait to see it ? xxxxx


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