Saturday, 29 August 2015

On my travels . . . Part 2: Vancouver, Canada

How I'm loving going through all our holiday pics (did I mention there are in excess of 900 snaps? ), and smiling at all the lovely memories.  

On leaving Alaska, we flew south again from Anchorage to Vancouver in Canada where we spent a fabulous few sunny days in this beautiful city, catching up with family and friends.
My lovely cuz, Wendy had a whole lot of fun things planned for us to do and certainly was a host &  tour guide extraordinaire.  So from Grouse Mountain to Granville Island, and everything else in between, we set about exploring the delights. 

It's hard to narrow down the highlights as we just loved it all.  The view from the top of the mountain on the Sea-to-Sky gondola does rank right up there though.  As did those yummy donuts following our hike at Deep Cove  : - )  And then of course there was the time spent just chatting & laughing & sharing meals & making memories with our loved ones, who even though we're far apart, hold a special place in our hearts.
(If you're reading this:  Thank you all the Martins & the Goosies for making our time with you so special)

Of course, with all the outing-and-abouting, there wasn't much time for crafting, but stay tuned for Part 3 coming soon . . . 

'til next time,

Sunday, 23 August 2015

On my travels . . . Part 1: Alaska

Hello there, lovely bloggy peeps - I'm back, and looking forward to spending some time catching up this week.
We had a truly lovely, relaxing and fun holiday, and I'm enjoying wading through all the pics we managed to take, etching the memories firmly on my mind.  But here we are home again, happily reunited with the two most-adorable-pups-in-the-world and wading through a seemingly endless pile of laundry whilst battling the inevitable jetlag. 
So, would you like to hear a little about it?

It's hard to describe just how awesome Alaska is.  Seriously peeps, if you've not yet been, add it to your bucket list right now.  It is breathtakingly beautiful at almost every turn. 
 We began our journey in Vancouver, Canada (but more about that in part deux) and sailed up the coast through the Inside Passage to Ketchikan, Icy Strait Point, Juneau, Skagway and the Hubbard Glacier, ending up in Seward.

There were so many highlights, but taking a helicopter flight over the glacier, going dog-sledding and traversing the White Pass are right up there.  Not to mention meeting this gorgeous little Husky pup who stole my heart . . .

And of course there were the yarn and fabric shops . . .   : - )
Every town had at least one, and the poor Hubby very patiently wandered from one to the next with me, whilst I ooh-ed and aah-ed, and hmmm-ed and haa-ed over all the pretty things.

It seems that crafty folk the world over are a friendly bunch and we met the loveliest of peeps in every store.  I did make a few wee purchases - always conscious of the limits of an airline baggage allowance, of course.   There was such an abundance of choice, so my self-imposed rule was that it had to be local.  So now I have some pretty Alaskan yarns added to my stash that I just can't wait to use.  Watch this space . . .

Hope all's well with you,
'til next time,


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Summertime holidays . . .

It's holiday time here at  gilly makes . . . HQ, so whilst we're off enjoying the summer I'll be taking a little bloggy break for a couple of weeks.  But if you're an Instagrammer, do pop over to say hello if you like, and see what we're up to.

Otherwise, wherever you are, whatever you do - take care and enjoy,
 and if I don't see you through the week, I'll see you through the window . . .

Looking forward to catching up with you when I get back,

'til next time,

Friday, 17 July 2015

Oh baby . . .

Little things that make my heart happy . . .

  • THE cutest cake you ever did see
  • yummy marshmallows
  • fluffy pink candyfloss
  • raspberry lemonade
  • and celebrating the imminent arrival of my new little cuzzie with her mama & aunty

I had such a fab trip to Scotland - the sun shone and the fresh sea air blew away my horrible hayfever - it was so lovely to spend time with my family and catch up with my gorgeous Glasgow girls.  

Busy days here, but it's almost, almost time for our summer holiday - can't wait . . .

Happy weekend, lovelies . . .

'til next time,

ps. Linking up with lovely Amy at Love Made My Home , for her Five on Friday feature - do pop over and see what everyone else is up to.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

If the shoe fits . . .

Thanks so much, lovely peeps for all your kind & encouraging comments about our blossoming garden.  And a big welcome to my new followers too - thanks for popping in to say hello : - )

The Hubby & I spent the weekend in London and now I'm packing my bag again and heading north across Hadrian's Wall for a few days in Scotland, but before I fly off I thought I'd tell you about a fab little workshop I did the other evening . . .

My friend Heather (yes, she of gardening guru fame) & I decided we needed to add "Making Espadrilles" to our crafty endeavours, so off we toddled to Guthrie & Ghani in Moseley.

We were such busy elves that I somehow only took three little pics, but we had great fun cutting & stitching & nattering away, and by the end of the evening we'd almost managed to produce one shoe each ; - )

That's Heather's on the left and mine on the right, and a sad lack of any significant crafty time since then means that I've yet to finish my other shoe.  So they are sitting patiently on top of the WIP basket, hoping to be a complete pair soon.

It was a really fun workshop, and the espadrilles don't require much fabric at all - just two fat quarters, so I definitely see another pair on the horizon in the not too distant future.  But I really must finish this pair first.   They're just perfect for summer, don't you think ?

Wishing you a happy week,
'til next time,

ps. if you fancy a little trip to beautiful Stratford upon Avon to make your own lovely pair of bespoke espadrilles, there's a couple of workshops coming up at Sew Me SomethingOoh, and there's 20% off in the Summer Workshop Sale too  : - )

Friday, 3 July 2015

A flowery Friday . . .

Every week when Friday comes around, I have really good intentions of joining in with Amy at Love Made My Home for Five on Friday.  But then the day seems to come and go so quickly and before I know it, I've missed it again.  
 So here I am today - it's Friday, the sun is shining and our garden is blossoming with pretties . .  here's just five . . .

Isn't it just SOoooo pretty ?
I can't tell you how chuffed I am but alas, regular readers will remember that I'm not a gardener, so the fact that these beautiful flowers are alive & well & living happily in my garden is mostly due to the care and efforts of my kind gardening gurus - my lovely sis and my ever-so-patient friend Heather, who constantly roll their eyes at my lack of gardening enthusiasm,
but persevere regardless, in the hope that one day my fingers will turn green  ; - )

All I'm really entrusted with is the weeding and the watering . . . but that's a big part, right ? 

And a little while ago I told you about an outing to Hidcote to learn all about growing a cutting garden.  (Read about it here if you like)  We got to plant lots of seeds, and the abovementioned guru Heather cultivated and cared for mine in her greenhouse until it was time to plant.  And then she came over and planned and planted for me (I told you she was kind), and I'm happy to say my little cutting garden is growing well, with lots of little budlets about to blossom too.  
Happy dancing . . .

Thank you lovely sis & kind Heather, for making my garden grow.

Do pop over to Amy's linky party and see what everyone else is doing this Friday - happy weekend, lovelies . . . blossom where you're planted  : - )

'til next time,

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