Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A very British invasion . . .

You may recall that a wee while ago, the Hubby commissioned me to sew 150 little bags in some fab Brit fabrics (read about it here if you'd like).

  So whilst these would all contain a mechanical puzzle gift for his fellow metagrobologists attending the IPP in London this year, I thought I'd make something for the girls too and set about sewing a whole bunch of zippy make-up bags as a little reminder of their trip to sunny ol' England.

all cut out & ready to sew. . .

Don't you just love these sweet fabrics?

And we girls had a great time . . .  

 a river cruise & a yummy lunch in Stratford upon Avon,

a trip on the Severn Valley Railway from Kidderminster to beautiful Bridgnorth,

 a lovely wander around London, taking in the sights and the shops,

 and a visit to the beautiful Kew Gardens,

complete with a spot of yarn bombing . . .

We also managed to squeeze in some fun crafty things too - some beading, some needle-felting, and a wee bit of crochet . . . but that's a whole other blog post  : - )

Now our friends have all returned to their little corners of the world, but I hope, with lovely memories of their English summer of '14.

"Haste ye back . . ."

'til next time,

Thursday, 14 August 2014

It's a tie . . .

So,  just a few days before our lovely friends arrived to stay from far & wide and I had a wee bloggy break,  I took a fun workshop at Sew Me Something - to learn to make a tie . . .

Fabric all cut out & ready to sew . . .

some pinning, some sewing, lots of laughs . . .

and some nifty hand-sewing & intense concentration.

 Ta - dah . . .
four fabulous ties

and the Hubby wore it to work this morning, so I think he likes it  ; - )

Oh, and there was cake . . . which was yummy . . . of course . . .

Did I mention it was fun ?  Can't wait to make another . . . and another . . .
(I'm thinking Christmas pressies already)

'til next time,

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

And the winner is . . .

Helloooo out there . . . I'm back in the Land of Blog, and when I finish all my chores and emerge from under the pile of laundry, I've got lots of fab new crafty adventures to share with you.
  But for right now, I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who entered my celebratory giveaway & a BIG welcome of my new bloggy followers - thanks for popping in  : - )

So, using my usual method of selection - my resident random number generator, aka The Hubby - I'm happy to announce that the winner of the adorable Edward's Menagerie book is . . .

 . . . comment no. 12, 
 the lovely Birgitta from Handmade and Off-Centred .  

Birgitta lives in beautiful Iceland, and if you haven't already discovered her blog, please do pop over and say hello - I know you'll get a warm welcome.

Congrats, Birgitta - and I can't wait to see which of these adorable little creatures you'll make.

Back again soon,

Thursday, 31 July 2014

An Alpaca Afternoon. . . {and a giveaway}

A little while ago, Hazel's Crochet posted a review about a new crochet book  called Edward's Menagerie by Kerry Lord from Toft Alpaca.  Lovely Hazel also had a couple of tickets for the launch to give away, so as I live not too far away, I eagerly accepted her generous offer and last Friday, with fellow crafty friends Sarah & Rachel in tow, off we went to spend a fun afternoon surrounded by all-things-alpaca-and-crochet.


It was a beautiful warm sunny day so we started with a tour of the farm to see the funny and curious alpacas and crias (the baby ones, who were just too adorable), 


 followed by a yummy alfresco lunch, before we  headed back inside to meet Edward's Menagerie and enjoy a little crochet workshop.


 Seriously, just how adorable are these gorgeous animals ?  Aren't they just so sweet?  And they all have their own stories too.

  And so enamoured by these funny & fabulous creatures was I, that I just had to buy an extra copy of this delightful book to giveaway.

So, in celebration of reaching the milestone of 300+ followers on GFC,  and to say a big thanks to all of you lovelies who are following along on this crafty bloggy adventure with me, I'm giving away a  copy (signed by lovely Kerry Lord of course) of the book. 

If you'd like a chance to win it, it's simples.  Just . . .

1) be a follower of my blog (GFC, Bloglovin' or by email); and 

2) leave me a little comment below - and if you're a no-reply blogger, please make sure you leave contact details too.

Now, as we have a full house of guests for the next little while, I'm going to take a wee bloggy break for two weeks, so will leave the giveaway open until midnight GMT on Sunday 10th August and announce the winner asap thereafter.   

So, good luck & so long for now.

'til next time,

* * * * 

Thanks again Hazel for your generosity, and thanks to all the lovely ladies at Toft Alpaca for hosting such a fun event..


Friday, 25 July 2014

Dordogne days . . .

Bonjour . . .

I'm back in sunny England after a lovely few days in beautiful Lalinde, on the banks of the Dordogne river, in the Aquitaine region of la belle France.  

We chilled, 
we chatted,
 we read our books,
 we went for walks, 
we drank some lovely French wine,
 we shopped a little bit at the local brocante market, 
and we ate yummy cheese, fresh crispy breads and lots of oooh-sooo-delicious croissants for petite dejeuner.

The patisserie around the corner was just so tempting, it would have been pointless to resist.

Oh, and just in case you're wondering about the "Knitting vs Crochet" decision . . .

The crochet project won, and I've made a good start to my Pick 'n Mix cushion cover.

Wishing you a happy, sunny weekend . . .
'til next time,

Thursday, 17 July 2014

A little bit of versatility . . . (and a fab giveaway)

Firstly, thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my last post - you really are too kind - and a BIG welcome to my new followers, thanks for popping by and I hope you'll enjoy following along on my crafty adventures :-)

obligatory cute pups pic of the week

Earlier this week I was delighted to be handed the Versatile Blogger Award by lovely Sarah at Chantille Fleur.  The brief is to list 7 random things about yourself and then pass the bloggy baton along.

So without further ado, here are my 7 random things (and be warned: they are indeed random):

1.  I love to bake.  Definitely a love learned from my Mama, who just by the way, bakes the best ever shortbread, scones, tea cake etc etc.

2.  I don't really like cooking.  Seriously, I cook because we must eat. By contrast, my lovely sis is a fab cook.  If only we lived closer so we could take advantage of her culinary skills more often.

3.  I love shopping . . . but not for groceries. See no.2 above.

4.  Spiders are evil. They give me the heebiejeebies and I jump at the sight of one.  Other creepy crawlies don't really bother me.  Except maybe cockroaches . . . ugh . . .

5.  I LOVE to travel . . . particularly on planes, trains and ships (but preferably not on buses).  This is another love that I can attribute to my wanderlust parentage.

6.  I love all-things-pink.  Always have, probably always will.

7.  I have freckles.  Lots of them.  But as the saying goes: "A face without freckles is like a night without stars"  ;-)

I did warn you they were random . . .  but if you like that kind of thing, you could pop over here too.

Right so in passing on the baton, I'm going to change things up a wee bit and ask you to hop over and show some bloggy love to two fab newbie blogs. 

First up, visit  Roulette Farm - this is Sarah's new blog all about life & times down under on their Aussie farm with two adorable dogs, various chickens and a whole host of other wonderful creatures;

courtesy of Roulette Farm

. . . then about that giveaway I mentioned . . .

Well, regular readers will know that I'm a big fan of the Sew Me Something patterns - all designed by my lovely friend and part-time boss - and to celebrate her new blog , Jules is giving away your choice of SMS pattern.  Woo hoo... we all likes a giveaway, don't we? :-)

courtesy of Sew Me Something

 So please do pop in and have a wee peek at these new blogs on the block, I know you'll get a warm welcome. 
And thanks again to Chantille Fleur for your kind nomination.

And on a completely different note - I'm off tomorrow for a few days away in sunny France, so I'll be taking a little bloggy break but will be back soon to tell you all about it and catch up with your news too.

Hmmm... what to pack . . .  crochet or knitting ?

What d'you think ?  
(and no, the ridiculously limited baggage allowance dictates that I can't take both)

A tout a l'heure, mes amis

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