Thursday, 18 June 2015

Tales from Wales . . .

Hello lovely peeps, are you having a good week ?

We've been away for a little sojourn to beautiful South Wales - the Gower peninsula, to be precise.  
Having lived in the Midlands for almost 6 years now, you'd think we'd have explored Wales too by now.  But besides a day in Cardiff to watch an SA v Wales rugby match a few years back, we'd never actually ventured across the border so thought it was high time we did.  That, and we really wanted to take the two most-adorable-pups-in-the-world to the beach.  Living where we do, right in the middle of this big island of the UK, we're about as far away from the coast as one can get.  So we packed up the car and headed south-west.

Rhossili bay

It poured with rain all the way there but then for the rest of the time, the sun shone and we had a glorious few days exploring this "area of outstanding natural beauty" in the Gower region.  Our home was a beautiful converted barn, literally a short walk (albeit a steep one) from Slade beach.  Seriously peeps, if you're ever looking for a place to stay in the area, look no further - Slade Barn is simply lovely.  It had everything we needed, and then some - and very dog-friendly too.  

Slade Barn

Oxwich beach

just up the road from Mumbles

Rhossili - and Jerry-dog keeping a close eye on the sheep . . .

Worm's Head, Rhossili bay

We had a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing time . . .  wending our way around the coast from Mumbles and Oxwich Bay to Port Eynon and Rhossili (definitely my favourite place), and we left for home with a promise that we'll be back again some day.

Oh, and I did find some time for making too . . .  a little bit of knitting, and my first ever attempt at needlepoint tapestry - so I'll be back to tell you all about that soon.

'til then
take care of you,

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Day or Night ?

Oops, it's been a little while . . .
We've got my lovely SIL visiting for a few weeks, so between the usual weekly routine things and running around doing all sorts of fun touristy stuff, there hasn't been much time for blogging, or much crafting either, for that matter.  So please do forgive the sporadic posts that will ensue over the next couple of weeks, and I'll pop in whenever I can.   

But I do have a little sewing project to share today . . .

I first came across this lovely pattern on Love, Lucie's blog - it's the Day-to-Night Drape Top from Maria Denmark.   Lucie has a whole array of them, and I love this simple yet pretty style, so I just had to get the pattern and give it a go.  It's a download & print pattern which I normally tend to shy away from as to be honest, I find the whole process of printing and matching and taping together, a little tedious mostly - but as this pattern only has two pieces, it's a doddle to do.

It's a really easy-peasy top to make, and a perfect addition to my summer wardrobe.  It really does what it says on the tin, and will do for daytime casual or nighttime elegance, depending on your fabric choice & accessories.  And best of all, it took less than a meter of fabric - so it's an inexpensive make too.

So, thanks Lucie - I'm sure I'll be making lots more of these too  : - )

And if you haven't yet discovered  Lucie's lovely blog , do pop over to say hello and have a little peek at all her lovely makes. 

Hope it's been a lovely weekend wherever you are,
'til next time,
take care of you

ps. whilst I'm slacking a bit on the blog side of things, I am at least Instagramming, so if you'd like to follow along please do.  You'll find me @ gilly_makes - or click on the link in the right hand column of this page.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Lost & found . . .

Ta daaah . . .

I found my quilting mojo at the weekend.  Not quite sure where it went, but it was missing for a wee while.
Lost somewhere in the depths of the WIP basket.  
But the imminent arrival of my lovely sis-in-law who's coming from SA to visit for a a bit, prompted me into action to get this quilt finished.  Can't be inside quilting when the sun is shining outside and we've places to go & things to do . . .

It's a simple one, this - just cut strips of varying widths from fat quarters, sewed them all together and cut them into 6" strips, mixed & matched then sewed them all together again.  I had a vague idea in mind of what I wanted, but otherwise just pretty much made it up as I went along so I'm calling it my Lost & Found quilt. 

The backing fabric is a white on white stripe, just to keep it soft and low volume.  And I decided just to quilt it myself this time with some wavy FMQ lines.  See, told you it was simples  ; - )

Co-ordinates well with the crocheted Pick 'n Mix cushion too, doesn't it ?

So that's another little project ticked off the WIP list - 
YAY   ( happy dancing and all that )

Onwards & upwards into the week we go,
hope it's happy for you too.

'til next time,

Friday, 22 May 2015

Meet Cordelia . . .

Hello, and happy Friday to you . . .

It seems to me like the year is speeding by and I'm constantly playing catch-up as one busy week rolls into the next.   But I'm trying to steadily work my way through my WIP list and being very good about not starting anything new . . . at least until the current list is reduced to an acceptable (for me) level.

So first up for "show & tell" this week:  meet Cordelia.   
Actually, its proper name is The Cordelia Dress and it's the latest lovely pattern from Sew Me Something - however, despite having now made three,  none of them are in fact a dress  ; - )

guard dog . . .

  I do so love dresses, but have a fair abundance of them in my wardrobe already and what I really need for the upcoming Summer, is tops so I made these three at tunic length.  The pattern is quite versatile so really you can adjust the length to suit you . . . from tunic to maxi and everything in between - the choice is yours.

I made the two sleeveless tops a little while ago (regular readers may remember a few sneak peeks) , but just finished the other one this week.  The pattern includes three different sleeve options (the other being a longer sleeved version - perfect for the cooler seasons), all of which are very simple to do. 
 I love the clever twist at the front, and I must just point out that they look lovelier on person than on the hanger, but I'm home alone and decidedly rubbish at selfies, so hang they must.

lazy dog . . .

It's a long weekend here, so I'm hoping to get some more projects ticked off my List  - what are your weekend plans ?  Anything exciting ?

'til next time,
be happy

ps.  And a big welcome to my new followers too - thanks for popping by, it's lovely to see you. 

Monday, 18 May 2015

Moon walking . . .

We did it . . .

The Moon Walk 2015

15.1 miles  (25km)  through the streets of London town . . . overnight . . . in our bras . . . to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer.

A huge thank you to everyone who encouraged us, sponsored us and spurred us on. 
 Together with my lovely sis, we've raised nearly a whopping £900.  Our weather prayers were answered too - no rain, a light breeze and a mild overnight low of 8C.  
 Last year (read all about that here) was freezing, windy and drizzly so I  was all geared up this time around, but only needed my hoodie & scarf to ward off the early morning chill. 
 And we beat our 5 hour goal too, crossing the finish line at 3 . 24 am in a time of 4 hours & 49 mins.  

 To those whose lives have been turned upside down by cancer, a long walk, some achy muscles  and one sleepless night is no match for what they endure.  Thank you again, lovely peeps, for your generosity and kind encouragement in helping me to contribute my little bit towards fighting this horrible disease. 

'til next time,
be blessed and be of good courage

Friday, 15 May 2015

A suitably silky day out . . .

Earlier this week the lovely Sew Me Something gals & I, had a little outing to Beckford Silk, just a hop & a skip over the county border in pretty Gloucestershire.  A few of us have previously dabbled in the art of screen-printing and silk painting, but never actually sewn with silk so it was labelled a "team training day" and off we went.

The factory is tucked away in a beautiful countryside setting, and after a quick coffee we were given the guided tour.  The whole process was quite fascinating and most interesting, leaving me particularly in awe of the grand scale on which the hand-printing is done.

There's also a little museum area, and a shop filled to the brim with yummy silks and velvets.  Needless to say, there was much fondling of fabrics . . .

This long-established company, tucked away in the Cotswolds boasts an impressive list of well-known clientele.  If you have the opportunity to visit one of these places, take a closer look at their silk products - chances are it hails from Beckford  : - )

Right, now I just need a "How to Sew with Silk" lesson.
   I'm adding that to my To Do list . . .

Happy weekend lovely peeps,
'til next time

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