Thursday, 13 February 2014

Rain, rain go away . . .

And yet again,
another week has flown past since my last post . . .
Where did it go ? 
Washed away with all this rain perhaps methinks ?
 My heart goes out to those of you whose homes and days are being turned upside down by the flooding and the storms. Over the past couple of days we've had lashings of rain, blustery winds, hail, sleet, and a dusting of snow. 

 And in between all that - pretty blue skies and crispy sunshine.  A real mixed bag of weather, but the upside is that it's just perfect for staying cosy and crafting.

So, amidst the usual activities of the week, here's what I've been making . . .

a simple cotton summer skirt 

with a pretty cotton lace trimmed hem.
It was easy to make, fits just perfectly and I'm so happy with how it turned out, that I've started another one.
 I've had this fabric in my stash for ages and to be honest I'd gone off it a wee bit, but now I love it again and can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can wear it.

And it's "third time lucky" for this chevron blankie that's currently on my hook.
(See this post for more about its inspiration)

 I started it a wee while ago, but 20 rows in, I realised I'd made a mistake way back at the beginning
 - aaarghh - 
so I (albeit reluctantly) frogged it and began again. 
 Only to discover a few rows later that I'd done exactly the same thing again . . .  (clearly not the brightest crayon in the box, I hear you say . . .)

So out it all had to come yet again, and finally now I think I've got it right and it's starting to take shape properly.
  YAY  : - )  (happy/relieved face)

Linking up today with Chrissie & Marianne for the Bloomin' Crochet-A-Long  - do pop over and see what everyone else has on their hooks too.

Oh, and just a wee reminder that my GYB party giveaway closes at midnight GMT tomorrow so if you'd like to enter, hop over here and do so.  I'll be getting the RNG (ie. Hubby) to pick a winner on Saturday morning.

'Til next time,
stay safe, keep warm & take care


  1. Oh wow. A flea market fancy skirt! It's beautiful. I'm stitching while I watch the Olympics

  2. You've had more snow than my side of Brum! That skirt is lovely... I hope spring arrives quickly so you can wear it :)

  3. Your skirt is beautiful! Very summery.

  4. your skirt is beautiful , love the lace trim

  5. Aaaah - to think one day we might be able to wear pretty skirts again! Well done, it's fab x Jane

  6. Dear gilly
    Congratulations on your skirt - it'll be wonderful to wear when it's a bit warmer! Third time lucky on the blanket...
    Best wishes

  7. Hey that Denyse Schmidt fabric looks great as a skirt, love the trim! For some reason every time I crochet a ripple/chevron pattern I find myself ripping out rows on a regular basis. It's an easy pattern, but also easy to loose track. I feel your pain!

  8. I love your skirt - roll on the summer! I had no bother with my ripple blankets ...... because I knitted them - so much easier for me!! Our weather has been much like yours - a little bit of everything.

  9. What a nice summery skirt Gilly. I so wish I could make things like that but I fail at making clothes. Glad to hear you are on the right track with the's going to be lovely....I just know it!
    xx Shari

  10. Simply love your skirt and oh the very idea of summer just lifts the spirits :)
    Patricia x

  11. I love the photos of the dogs in the snow....after the extreme heat we've had here and the surrounding fires, some of that would be very helpful. I love your skirt and good luck with the crochet...believe me we've all been there, just most don't admit it.

  12. I love the skirt, it is going to be perfect for warmer weather, also love the snow pictures, how fun for the pups.

  13. Gilly your skirt is just gorgeous! I would be desperate to wear it too, it is so lovely. Pretty crochet too and thank you for linking up.
    Marianne x

  14. a dusting of snow...I've got 2 plus feet on the ground, more in drifts and more coming down...every day we inch toward spring, I shout YAYA!

  15. Your skirt looks beautiful, what pattern did you use? As for the blanket I had a similar thing with my ripple blanket. I just couldn't get past this one row where I kept making the same mistake but just couldn't work out what I was doing wrong, it took me about three days to sort it xx

  16. Oh Gilly, I love your skirt ... it is beautiful ... stay safe and warm ... Bee xx

  17. My hart goes out o everyone adversely affected by the weather. Gingers crossed we've just had rain and wind but seem to have missed the horrendousness.

    Love the skirt and the fabric is gorgeous. Roll on summer! Love the lilac and white blanket but two errors in and it would have been lobbed to the 'someday' pile, good on you for perseverance.

  18. Your skirt is very pretty!! Hope that the rest of the ripple goes well, as it looks very pretty as well - a post of pretty things!! xx

  19. A lovely skirt Gilly! It's been soggy here all week but certainly not cold! The sun is out today so the ground is starting to dry out again...I'm so ready for Autumn!

    Sarah x

  20. Good progress, Gilly! Your skirt is very pretty and I appreciate your good example of persevering in spite of mistakes on your blanket. During four days of being snow/iced in I made some good progress on my Merino blanket and a little crocheted bib for my youngest granddaughter... a benefit of the stormy
    weather :) xx

  21. Stunning skirt and impressed with the ripple blanket, lovely colours.

  22. Wow fantastic skirt, I love it! Pretty colours for the blanket too.

  23. Hi Gilly
    Beautiful skirt, and third time lucky with your blanket - it worked for me with my current knitting make !
    Stay dry and warm,
    Kate x

  24. it's beautiful! And it's made from Flea Market Fancy, so don't get too close to any quilters or they might whip it off you!

  25. Oh Gilly, what a gorgeous skirt! It is *perfect* in every way! I wanna make one! And you are a courageous soul to persevere with that blanket, and you will treasure it all the more because of it! Chrissie x

  26. ~ Gilly, hellooo, ooh I LOVE your pretty skirt, its very me...It reminds me off one I purchased last year from Sea Salt, that cost an awful lot of my pennies..
    I hope we get some spring weather for you to wear with style...Goodness it feels like' Dorothy's Kansas city 'here today. wild wild winds......But at least we are dry!!
    Wishing you a day of loveliness....
    Maria x

  27. Your skirt is gorgeous, Gilly. Do you think it will ever be warm enough for us to be able to wear summer skirts again? It feels so far away!

    Sewing Bee starts again next week! I can't wait. :o)

  28. Such a pretty skirt, it will really suit you. I hope the wether brightens up soon so you can wear it. X

  29. What a wonderful colour combo for your skirt.
    Thank you for the link to the pot holders and the Fab Afghan, I am thinking Christmas colours. If I start now I may be finished ;0)

  30. Gorgeous skirt, Flea Market Fancy is one of my favourite ranges. Stay warm and dry. x

  31. Very pretty skirt that zingy orangey colour too....D x

  32. Hsn't the weather been atrocious Gilly? You've got the right idea, staying in making lovely things ... The skirt is just gorgeous! Thanks for visiting Thriftwood, I love it when you drop in...

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Love Claire xx

  33. I love your skirt!! What pattern did you use? The chevron blanket is so pretty! Happy Valentine's Day! xo Heather

  34. Hi Gilly
    I love your skirt I wish I could be that talented on the sewing machine. Your crochet blanket is looking fab! Lovely colour choice x

  35. I really like the shape and colour of your new skirt.

  36. Love your new skirt! I'm a big fan of flea market fancy!! Your chevron blanket is lovely!!

  37. That is such a pretty skirt ... love it! And so summery ... I think we all need reminding that the sun will come back just now :)

  38. Gorgeous skirt! Can't wait to see the finished blanket too. :D

  39. Gosh I am so behind with following, I wonder too where the time goes Gilly, but I haven't been idle, rest assured!
    I just love your gorgeous skirt and the fabric is so lovely, also your blanket is looking wonderful, especially after all the hassles! Lovely colours too!
    Love, Joy x

  40. Lovely skirt and blanket. We've had no snow here, but everything else! Can't wait for spring.

  41. Oh my word, that skirt! It's gorgeous. I like the fabric very much - I think I have some in my stash in a different colourway - but the orange trim really pulls it all together. So, third time lucky with your chevron blanket! It's looking good, I hope it's smooth sailing from here for you. x

  42. Wow look at that cool skirt! So amazing, I made such a similar skirt a while back (but a little girl version!) Love that Denyse Schmidt fabric!


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