Thursday, 30 January 2014

Here & now . . .

Loving . . .

having a ME day . . . a chance just to catch up

Eating . . .

leftovers from last night's dinner for lunch, and a wee sweet treat

Drinking . . .

a steamy mug of Green & Blacks yummy hot chocolate - the boisson du jour on days like these

Wearing . . .  
my comfy clothes, hand-knitted chunky socks and no make-up (eeek . . .)

Feeling . . . 

cosy, warm, happy & blessed

Wanting . . .  
the sleet to stop so the two most-adorable-pups-in-the-world can go out for a walk

Thinking . . .

I'll probably just let them out to run around and play in the muddy back garden instead, 'cos it's icy cold out there and I'd really rather curl up on the sofa and crochet  ; - )

Dreaming . . . 
about our upcoming holiday in the sunshine

and joining in . . . with this lovely idea from Chantille Fleur.

What are you up to here & now ?

'til next time,

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day! Think I might just break out the crochet myself now you have inspired me. xx

  2. Ahh what a lovely post and a nice idea :)

  3. Super post Gilly! A cosy comfy day- what's not to like!

  4. Pretty pretty. We all need a 'me' day every now and then. Right now hubby and I are on a little get away. He indulges my hobbies : )

  5. A brilliant me day.

  6. A great post Gilly. I think we had better stay in for a few more days crafting. The weather is not looking good. xxx

  7. An excellent way to spend the day! This evening I will continue hand quilting a beautiful Baltimore quilt, which will be first prize at Abbey Quilters' exhibition in July

  8. A wonderful, comforting post, Gilly, like a big virtual hug! I hope you enjoyed the rest of your indulgent, soul-soothing day! :-) Chrissie x

  9. What a fun post, loved it. I am sitting here and trying to catch up with blogs, but you can read a little more about my week on my blog. Hope that holiday is to SA, or where are you going my dear?? I also felt a tinge of wanting a pup after seeing your post on FB, please don't do this to me...... xoxoxo

  10. Hmmm, I love days like this. I call them my Do a Nothing Days.
    Sally xxx

  11. I love me from me...x !! hahahahaha!!

  12. Sounds like a perfect day, Gilly! :o)

  13. Sounds like the perfect 'Me Day' !
    Marianne x

  14. Here and Now is a fun way to focus on your current status, Gilly. I enjoyed your report. (I'm sipping on a cup of tea on a gray afternoon and planning to do some stitching :) xx

  15. What a wonderful post Gilly - the perfect way to spend such a cold icy day - but poor puppies with their legs crossed waiting and waiting . . . . .
    Keep warm with these hugs, love, Joy xo

  16. Sounds like my kind of day"..........except for the sleet because I love to walk my doggies and couldn't bear to miss out!
    Cath @ its 'n Bobs

  17. Sounds like just the kind of day I need. Glad you had time to your self.

  18. Sounds like a wonderful cozy day!!! Love your pictures too!! :) xo Holly

  19. A perfect kind of day, and your weather would suit me fine right now. In the past two weeks there have only been 3 days where the max temp was UNDER 40C. The overnight lows have been as high as 25C. The forecast for next week is much the same. While you are dreaming of sunshine and beaches, I'm dreaming of ice and snow, and while you are wanting the sleet to stop so you can walk your sweet dog, I'm wanting some frosty mornings to walk my two dogs! Its a funny old world.
    Have a wonderful holiday, that water looks so refreshing to me right now.

  20. Oh Gilly.. sounds like super day to me!! Hazel x

  21. A lovely way to spend some time to yourself! I would be dreaming of that lovely holiday location too!! xx

  22. That hound - I can't tell them apart I'm afraid - does look rather wistful. If I try to let the whippets out at the moment they shiver and look at me as if I'm mad ... but they go crazy to be out if it snows, daft dogs!

    Hope you have a cosy weekend too :)

  23. Bliss, what else can one say.

  24. I'd say you are having a lovely day, stay warm and dream about that beautiful beach.

  25. "Me" days are the best....make the most of it!!!!
    xx Shari

  26. Sounds like a rather blissful kinda 'me' day!! What a lovely post!!

  27. ~ I'm having one too...A ME day that is..~ and that's why I'm joining you!
    LOVE and love some more Green and Blacks coco and chocolate...
    Ooh how cute are Ben and Jerry, if they are any thing like my four legged feline friends, they would be best staying by the radiators and keeping cosy....
    Soo cold today! Enjoy your lovely day, Gilly....
    I'm coming up two years of posting also,,,,and I'm so glad we have blog met!!! hehe..
    Love Maria x

  28. Such a perfect day. I have the occasional day like that too, wearing no make up and taking it easy. We all need a day off life occasionally. xx

  29. Hi Lovely Gilly what a lovely post which made me smile - I have a lot on this weekend, unfortunately most of it work but I am hoping to catch some time for myself. Enjoy yourself Gilly, big hugs to you

  30. I like the sound of this "Here and Now" - might join in myself. A Me day sounds good - pure indulgence! x

  31. Sounds like a lovely day planned. I'm having a slow day today too, some sewing, some baking... Enjoy your 'you day'

  32. Gilly I'm loving the idea of this post, it was a joy to read, hope the pups got out for some fresh air between all the horrible raininess our cats can't be convinced to go out.
    Clare xx

  33. A me day is always good for the soul, and yours sounds perfect. I hope you find plenty of sun on your holiday, there's not been much of it here in the UK!

  34. Good Afternoon Gilly, There is nothing like a "Me Day" to recharge the batteries. I love curling up on the sofa to do a little bit of sewing or reading, especially on grey, rainy days. I hope Ben and Jerry managed to go out for a run around the garden. Now, that is something I really like..... Green and Black's Cocoa.... but then I do love all things "chocolate". Are you holiday in the Greek Islands this year..... there was something about the photograph that said "Greek Islands". Where ever it is, I feel sure you will enjoy the sunshine and beaches.
    Best Wishes

  35. Oh I'm so glad to see you joined in! Your list is lovely!
    Happy new week!
    Sarah x

  36. I love this post and may borrow the format, with acknowledgements to you and Chantille Fleur. Your puppies ARE adorable and your vacations looks like it will be Heaven.

  37. Oh this is a lovely post, its a great idea!! I may do this at the weekend :) Sounds like you are having a great Saturday xx

  38. Sounds like the perfect day to me! I can't wait to have one of those days :) I think tomorrow I will have a cozy kind of day :)

  39. It all sounds good to me!! Especially the sunny holiday part ... well, and the two most adorable pups ;) Wendy x


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